Hi Guys! My name is Kaitlin Williams, otherwise known as the lazy Kat. I am a wife and mother of twins. I used to work in advertising before I opted to become a stay at home mum with the arrival of my daughters four years ago. I grew up in a well-to-do household (not bragging, just saying) and never had the need, or desire, to do much for myself when I had so much help around. When I got married and moved in with my husband, it was rather embarrassing to realize how much more he knew about caring for a home than I did. Rather than hire a cleaner, I decided to learn how to get things done on my own. My resolve was solidified when I had kids and decided they would also learn to be independent from an early age and avoid many of the sometimes costly mistakes I made along this path to cleaning enlightenment.
I set up this blog as a way to share my acquired knowledge with many others who have also not had much home training and would rather learn for themselves what it takes to create and maintain a clean and healthy house. I encourage you to explore this blog and sign up for our weekly newsletter and learn the techniques you can apply on your own to keep your home spic and span. Our content is simply laid out for easy understanding, with the option to request clarifications via the comment sections and our contact page.