Common Cleaning Myths Dispelled

Many of us have for years stuck to certain cleaning rules without realizing that they do not quite work as promised. Many of the habits we follow are something we heard about years ago and adopted, or were even taught by a parent. Many of these cleaning habits often prove costly and need to be corrected before we pass on the same to another generation.

• More Is Better
Many of us believe that the more detergent w use with each load, or washing up liquid we add, the more cleaning action we get. In reality, too much soap means much more water has to be used to rinse otherwise there will be a buildup in the fabric. This buildup can actually cause dirt to become more ingrained in fabrics, especially carpet. Too much detergent can also cause damage to washing machines and dishwashers. Always use the minimum amount recommended by the manufacturer.
• Homemade Is Best
The green revolution does offer many benefits for your family’s health and the environment but you need to have a strong understanding of how the ingredients you are using work and what recipes are suited to the situation. The reason so many find it difficult to get on this bandwagon is that because the chemical based cleaners really are very effective, and hence require less effort to get the job done. If you are determined to stay green, consider commercial green cleaning products. The manufacturers are able to formulate more concentrated and effective cleaners than what you can possibly mix up at home.
• One for all
This is part of the problem with the green revolution. Some people erroneously believe that a single ingredient, like vinegar or bleach, is all the cleaning action they need, no matter what the task. This is absolutely false as the effect can be damaging to certain types of surfaces and fabrics. There is no such thing as a universal cleaner. Research is important so you learn how to properly match cleaners to the tasks at hand. The same rules apply when using chemical based cleaners. While you may not need specialty cleaners for every different surface and fabric in and around the home, you should take time to read the directions to avoid costly damage.
• Mixing Increases Cleaning Power
Many people looking to perform dual actions like laundering and disinfecting may opt to mix cleaning products. There is the belief this will not only cut down on cleaning time, but also increase cleaning strength. This is another false assumption, especially when you are dealing with certain chemical ingredients. Mixing certain ingredients, such as ammonia and bleach, can cause dangerous reactions, like the release of toxic fumes. Unless the labels on the bottles state otherwise, use a single cleaner at a time.
• Wash Cold To Save Money
Running a washing machine can be very expensive, partly because some people enjoy making use of the hot water setting. Many have been taught over time to switch to cold water as it saves time and is good for certain fabrics. This rule does not however apply when you are trying to disinfect and kill mold or mildew. This is why cleaning experts recommend that when washing towels and bedding, you should switch to hot water that will kill bacteria and germs. – Find more on cleaning myths on this San Francisco house cleaning website or on Facebook.

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