Simple to Clean Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Spring is usually the best season to consider for a kitchen remodel. Renovation will transform your kitchen into your dream kitchen. There are so many modern kitchen design options currently to choose from, however the best design is the easiest to clean. There are innovative kitchen redesign ides that are less tedious to clean.

Your kitchen design functionality should be at the top of your priority because you will be the one doing the cleaning. This means you should select the most appropriate technology, materials, fabrics and work triangle for your kitchen remodel that make the kitchen simple to clean. The following are some of the kitchen remodel design ideas that are the simplest to keep clean.

  • Backsplash

Some of the most pretty backsplashes such as wallpaper and painted backsplashes are the most dreadful to clean. From violently boiling sauces to splattering grease you are going to need a good backsplash that can handle a beating as well as some scrubbing. The best easy to clean backsplash materials are tiles and stainless steel.

  • Sinks

You can try out different designs with kitchen sinks provided you select material that is water and heat resistant. The best choice of material is probably stainless steel because of its resistance and strength plus various models are widely available. The under sink space is ideal for your cleaning supplies. To easily access the products at any time you can create a built-in wooden cupboard.

  • Countertops and Cabinets

The simple cabinets are the best. Ornamental and colored cabinets are very difficult to clean because these extra elements hold dirt and germs within their nooks and crannies. On the other hand the easiest to clean countertop materials include stainless steel, laminate and granite. They do not require any sealing and therefore the simplest to sanitize and you will not be handling any grout.

  • Appliances

Deliberately reduce the cleaning process with appliances like dishwashers. If your family is big, then you may find it convenient to have even two dishwashers in your modern kitchen. Rather than piling up dirty dishes in your sink you can simply load up the machine with your dirty dishes and then you can sit back let it do all the hard work for you . Apart from dishwashers you can also opt for microwave ovens and have them built-in to save counter space and cleaning chores.

  • Floors

The kitchen floor has to be easy to clean. Even though you can easily clean floor made of wood using a mop, the disadvantage of using hardwood is that spills must be mopped immediately. This can be very tiresome when you have young children and pets around. The best floor material option is large tiles, sheet vinyl or linoleum that can be quickly sanitized with a mop and can hold spilled liquids.

There are many luxurious modern kitchen designs for every home. Your interior designer can help you visualize the kitchen project using the 3d kitchen design to get a practical impression of the kitchen space and ease of cleaning.

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